Clewbay Sea Angling

09 Dec 2013

Sea Angling in Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland is home to 365 drumlin islands the largest off shore island is Clare Island. Clew Bay is the home to many different species of wildlife and its marine life is plentiful and varied too

  • Dog Fish
  • Pollack
  • Ballen & Cuckoo Wrasse
  • Whiting
  • Coalfish
  • Haddock
  • Pouting
  • Red ,Tub & Grey Gurnards
  • Ling
  • Cod
  • Thornback
  • Blonde & Spotted Ray; Dabs
  • Turbet
  • Conger
  • John Dory
  • Trigger fish

Clew Bay is also the place you will find renowned Charter Skipper "Mary Gavin Hughes" , who grew up on the sea and is a 4th generation sea angler following in the wake of her forefathers all sea faring men, from whom she learned the hallmarks of her trade from a young age. "Mary Gavin Hughes" was just 14 when she first began taking people out on Clew Bay by herself and has being taking people on tours and fishing trips on Clew Bay ever since.

Three times winner of the Central Fisheries Board Conservation award. Mary is well known in fishing and angling fraternities on local, national and international levels for representing herself, her club and Ireland on the sea angling circuit. She has won several Gold Silver & Bronze Medals in European Federation Sea Angling championship competition In 2009 winning 2 all Ireland Gold medals. Mary Gavin Hughes captained the Irish team to win the Home Nations Championship.

In the media she has featured on many published national & International news papers and magazines and indeed television and radio numerous times such as Discovery Chanel, Screaming Reels, Nationwide, Masters Apprentice, In July 2010 Mary was featured twice on Sky Sports Tight Lines with Keith Arthur, Coast to Coast Galway to Arran more Island and S4C Sgota a Welsh fishing program with Jewelian Lewis Jones.

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